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Last updated November 06, 2017


Visit Page...There's a bunch of Harley related photos.

Below is a photo of can use it for the corn field if you need to....


 Well, a little about myself...for those who are really bored....

I am a 59 year old (As fast as the years are clicking off now, I think I just need to put an automatic counter on this age thing!)  I live in the "Upstate" of South Carolina. I have many interests....ridin' my Harley dresser, driving my newest toy photography (right now, my cameras are a Canon EOS 1D) and Pentax OPTIO P80...computers (build and maintain my own) (all kinds)... football (enjoy the prep football the most)...and being with my friends. I am a machinist by trade (now retired), not sure what I want to do when I grow up, not sure I want to grow up either....

Ride Safe!  Ron

   Like to have some good reading? Read what Charlie Daniels wrote about the situation in our great country. It's worth the time taken to read it. Click here.  Special thanks to Nesie for sending me the link! While you're there, take the time to read some of his archived stuff  from the "soapbox". They are each and every one real good reading.

Here I am at the early age of  3-1/2 years. The attraction to the hog I ride today may have been showing early on. Don't know how much I enjoyed getting the picture taken though.

keep on smilin'  

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